Coconut Cocopeat

Coconut Cocopeat is our most exported product. A vivid array of options in coconut cocopeat is available at Ceylon Heritage Collection.

coco peat

Cocopeat Bales

It’s a coconut-based product. Coir peat is an excellent organic medium for reconditioning soil in horticulture, where it is used to germinate seeds, seedlings, and plants. Due to the high pore space of the soil and air filled porosity of 10%, there is no water logging in the root zone. It can be wetted and re-wetted with ease. Coir peat is a wholly natural product that is environmentally friendly from the point of origin to the point of use. The products CHC offers under Cocopeat bales are:

25Kg Bale

Product Specifications of 25kg Bale

Weight: 25kg +/- 100 g
Size : 80X40X33 CM
Compression Ratio: 2:1
EC: Below 1ms 1:5 Dry after press
Moistures: <30%
Packing: Individually packaged in white Polythine bags
Container Utilization: 615 Bales per 40′ HC

5Kg Bale

Product specifications of 5kg Bale

Weight: 5kg +/- 100g
Size: 30x30x15 +/-2 cm
Compression Ratio: 5:1
Moisture: <20%
Packing: 224X20 pallets/4480Bales/22.0 MT ( or Bulk Stuffing without using pallets)
Container Utilization:1 X 40’H/C container

Cocopeat Briquettes Cocopeat briquettes designed specifically for the retail market is available with convenient portable packaging. Product Specifications Weight: 650g Size: 20x10x5 cm +/- 0.5 Compression Ratio: 8:1 Capacity: 5 – 7 L Break out Volume: 3-5 L Load per 20′ FCL: 13 MT Load per 40′ FCL: 26 MT Packing: On buyer’s requirements
Cocopeat discs Usage of the disc is great for cuttings, etc. because it fits into a 2 liter container. Supermarkets and Garden Centers will be able to sell the product because of the packaging. Product Specifications

Size: Diameter 10 cm; Thickness 2.5 cm (or buyers requirement) Weight: 35 g (+/- 15 g) Moisture: 15-20% Compression: 8:1 by volume Packing: On buyer’s requirements Container Utilization: 104 Discs/Carton; 81 Cartons/Pallet; 10 Pallets/20ft. Container (11.4 MT).